Laurie Musick Wright

A certified Shen Touch therapist, Laurie Musick Wright has received Bioenergetic Massage & Shen Touch treatments and attended workshops in Shen Sensitivity Training™ with Master, Wassim Nehme and Elisabeth Nehme since 2005.

In 2010, Laurie visited The Ego Center in Parma, Italy and received treatment from Shen Sensitivity Training™ founder, Dr. Pino Ferroni.

Laurie is also a Reiki Master and offers sessions to hospice patients as a certified volunteer with the Rutland Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice.

Laurie also applies shen principals in her awarding-winning marketing and advertising firm, LMW Design, in Rutland, VT.  A graduate of Cornell University in communication arts and the psychology of effective communication, she has over 30 years of graphic design experience.  She shares her years of experience in clear communication as part of her effective Shen Touch practice.

Laurie has experienced profound shifts in grounded awareness of how thoughts and emotions play a role in physical health.

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