Bioenergetic-shen treatment™ facilitates a return to the center of yourself – your true nature. It is a tuning fork for the soul.

Reiki and Bioenergetic-shen® treatments deliver a life force energy (SHEN or CHI) along the energetic pathways of the body as a way to balance energy and promote healing, health, and happiness.  As a practitioner I assist the recipient in the clearing of personal energy blockages — our armor — that can prevent a person from living a more vital life. The focus of the treatment is to align or reconnect with the energy of the heart—to help a person feel their own living essence.

This experience is holistic in that it honors a person’s unique life experience by embracing their “bellezza” — inner beauty — as a living being.

Besides facilitating overall health and well being, mind/body treatments have been known to relieve a variety of physical and emotional symptoms brought on by everyday stress as well as traumatic life-events. Because the treatments are personalized to address life conditions, results are as unique as each individual.

Because you have a right to wellness, we invite you to experience the benefits of mind/body treatments.

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Offering REIKI and BIOENERGETIC-SHEN® TREATMENTS in Rutland, Vermont and Latham, New York.

You are caring and knowledgeable, both of which helped me feel comfortable and trusting. I am so glad that you followed this path to help others. You are a gift.

Bioenergetic-shen recipient

Right to Wellness is available by appointment only. You may schedule appointments directly with Certified Master Practitioner, Laurie Musick Wright.

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