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CofA Edition of ACIM

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
— Preface to A Course in Miracles

It was wonderful to attend your circle today. I felt very peaceful. Your voice is calming and it adds to the peace. The music was perfect and the group was amazing.
—Healing Circle Participant

Healing with A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a practical guidebook to healing. Healing is to bring back wholeness of yourself, to know your wholeness, to see other’s wholeness, and to use yourself fully. It is a complete lecture on life dynamics. ACIM is a training to diagnose what a seed problem is and what a complete solution is immediately.

ACIM is a book, a curriculum for self-study. It requires practice and demonstration of what you learn day-by-day. This practice re-patterns your thought system and sense of values. Students will obtain a new point of view about life and this world, gaining clarity about what is reality and what is not.

ACIM is not a religion. It does not have a founder, organization, hierarchy, or rituals. As is clearly stated in ACIM, ACIM is not the only road. There is no one-and-only way. There is no rule or model. However, ACIM gives you a clear new thought system, and to accept and demonstrate it requires a commitment and faith, as do many other spiritual and religious practices. It is not surprising to hear that many people find some similarity between ACIM and religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Sufi, Christianity, etc.

The practice of ACIM is always done in relationships. Since we perceive everything in the world of duality, we know ourselves by knowing others. Thus, we need to know others completely in order to know about ourselves completely. When you realize the true reason why a particular person appears in your life, that relationship that has been entangled firmly is undone. ACIM has a clear vision that healing is completed at once when you open your mind to be healed together with another person instead of seeking healing by yourself alone.

ACIM is a complete collection of messages from the perfect mind of the universe intended to help you to remember who you are and to express who you are.  ACIM is a self-study book, but miracles can exist only when there is a witness there. Through learning ACIM we feel, “I am safe. Nothing can threaten me. I don’t need to defend by using ego. The freedom is given me.”

Contact person: email Laurie Musick Wright, at this link, or call 802-236-1244.  Laurie has hosted ACIM study groups since 2008. She first discovered A Course in Miracles in 2003 by reading Marianne Williamson’s books, Everyday Grace and A Return to Love.


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Thank you so much! I am still feeling the love from the Circle. Such beautiful people. I am so grateful 🙏.
—Healing Circle Participant

Course-based Healing Circles

NEW! Course-based Healing, as instructed by the Circle of Atonement, is now offered by Laurie Musick Wright through Healing Circles on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 12PM ET via ZOOM.

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