Bioenergetic-shen® Treatment

The goal of Bioenergetic-shen® Treatment is to bring about optimum joy in daily living.

This hands-on body work strives to restore mind-body-spirit balance, to bring it back to a great feeling of relaxation and general well-being. Through the Bioenergetic-shen Treatment, a loving feeling is transmitted to body, heart, and mind, allowing the receiver to rediscover balance and serenity.

Proven to release chronic physical tension, the delivery of Bioenergetic-shen Treatment affects the body’s vibrational energy—raising awareness of a person’s emotional challenges and the protective armour created by their life experience.

By softening the armour through energetic flow we nourish the heart with the purpose of being more joyful. We are able to feel more deeply our truth and to be more fully present in our lives. Bioenergetic-shen Treatment is a very deep way to self-care. When we care for ourselves we can genuinely care for others.

Private treatments with a certified Bioenergetic-shen® Practitioner allow for in-depth self-discovery. An initial confidential discussion of how a person is feeling, facilitates an awareness for both recipient and practitioner. This is followed by 30-35 minutes of hands-on bodywork where the practitioner delivers firm yet nurturing movements on the body’s energetic pathways, focusing on the energy of the heart.

When the heart is open a person can reconnect with their core creative self and enjoy a more fulfilling heart-felt, purposeful existence.


$120 for the first treatment (85 minutes)

$90 for ongoing treatments (60 minutes)

I feel like I have fallen in love with the joy of living!

Bioenergetic-shen treatment recipient

I have never felt so relaxed in all my life.

Bioenergetic-shen treatment recipient

It feels like a hug for the heart.

Bioenergetic-shen treatment recipient

What is the difference between Reiki and Bioenergetic-shen Treatments?

Reiki delivers a life force energy on or over a person's body, affecting the energetic centers of a person's being. Delivery of the treatment is more stationery by moving to the next center at 3 minute intervals.

Bioenergetic-shen® treatment delivers a life force energy by affecting energetic pathways in the body – the meridians. It is delivered with a prescribed flow and pressure over light clothing or skin depending on a persons' preference. Much like throwing a pebble into a still pond, Shen energy, will spread with a natural flow. The recipient is held in trust while the practitioner focuses on the energy of the heart – both physically and emotionally.

Treatments are confidential between practitioner and recipient. A person is encouraged to share how they are feeling energetically prior to the start of the treatment. We also welcome a short time for personal reflection at the end of the treatment.